The Day Before

Today I got up to get ready to go to the doctor for my final check up. Feeling very confident, Craig and I went together, hoping maybe they would send us to the hospital! With no such luck, we learned about the induction process and my confidence turned to apprehension very quickly. I was very emotional when we left, feeling very scared. I quickly called a special friend for a pep talk….in her words, she said “I’d rather have a baby then go to the dentist” which made me feel a lot better! I have had plenty of crowns and a root canal so I am pretty sure I can handle it! I am okay now…just trying not to think much about it.

I decided to spend the day alone so I could reflect upon the last nine months and what a wonderful experience it has been….the day we found out we were having a baby….hearing her heartbeat for the first time….finding out it’s a girl!….watching her yawn during the 4-d ultrasound…. painting the nursery… and all the other wonderful moments. I can honestly say after I got through the 1st trimester, I thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant.

So today is the day before she arrives and I am just consumed with emotion. I just cannot wait to hold her in my arms. It’s only a matter of hours now.


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